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Fitted Wardrobes by Woodpecker London

Woodpecker London is a registered trademark in Britain and represents a bespoke furniture and joinery manufacturer. The services this company provides are varied types of fitted home or office furniture amongst which they can mention fitted wardrobes, fitted kitchens or bedrooms and basically any type of other bespoke joinery installation or furniture.

Don't have a lot of experience when it comes to your fitted furniture needs? Woodpecker London is at a phone call away of easing your job and helping you order the furniture you need with special features designed especially for you.


The manufacturing process taking place in a modern London factory. The factory is equipped with the latest machinery and they control quality from purchase of materials throughout installment on site. they manage and control every aspect of the process to ensure immaculate and outstanding results. By being in charge with procurement of materials, manufacturing and installment, they cut on all middlemen making you save on costs without compromising on quality.

Woodwork expertise

They have over 10 years of woodwork expertise.

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Date Submitted: 7-Jun-2016
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